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    friday afternoon 

    Hi everyone,

    It's Friday afternoon and I have to say that I spent way too much time yesterday figuring out how to do this and that with my blog and as a result I'm experiencing some computer burnout. I'd never make it in the tech world.  Give me a sketchbook and my dance shoes any day. I will admit that the computer is an amazing place to attempt the impossible. I can see that it has the potential to be a workhorse for me. I just have to pace myself. I'm learning.

    I took a walk by the house today. I like to walk by and say hi when I can. Sometimes she'll respond sometimes not. I let her know that I started this blog and thanked her for still being on the market. In the meantime I am brainstorming ways to raise money for the down payment on this house, and kindly asking the gods of dwellings and of art to assist me in seeing all the possibilities. Time to take a rest now. Maybe have some tea and sit with my Ugly-dolls.


    I drew this yesterday with my favorite pen and those stinky yet wonderfully translucent Chartpak Ad Markers... 


     this is me having fun with chalk in the backyard...




    it's a good house...I'll take it!

    hi everyone,

    This is my first blog entry ever so I'm not sure where to start. If I were you I might start by clicking on the 'About Me' link above so that you have an idea why I started this blog in the first place. If I were me, which I am, I guess I would just start here. The story goes something like this: I've fallen in love with a house in the neighborhood and have been strangely and wonderfully inspired by this place. I want more than anything to be the next owner of this house, even though it is not financially possible in my current situation. Oddly enough i am undaunted by this obstacle and have decided to allow the inspiration that this house has sparked to flow without knowing how it will all turn out. So far this has resulted in some cool things. First I've had to get my finances in order which has been a good and slightly scary thing. Let's just say the topic of money sometimes feels like a big harry monster that snorts and drools. Second the inspiration/momentum from this house has made me want to make a living as an artist. I'm just starting to explore wood block and linoleum block printing. We'll see where it takes me. I've posted a fun drawing from my sketch book below.

    My hope is that bloggin will be a way to connect with other creative people who harbor seemingly impossible dreams. I've always enjoyed the way French high wire artist Philippe Petit spoke about his dream of walking between the twin towers, "that's impossible...when do we start?!"

    here's to beginning the impossible!



    this is a sketch I did a few days ago...he's some kind of horned creature who might assist me in getting this house




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