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    What has Jani been up to? a book is born!

    As many of you know, I have a tendency to go 'off the grid' and radio silent for periods of time...and living out in Bolinas makes that even more deliciously possible. What in the world are you up to out there? well, I don't always know, and I like it that way, but I do have a wonderful surprise of a book that has been creating itself, with the help of my friends in Faery. It is a collection of my curious drawings and writings otherewise known as winged wonders and whatnots!

    My drawings and writings have been wanting to play more with the outside world and they've finally convinced me how they want to do it. In book form! I have been creating her using the wonderful online publishing company called Blurb and here are some photos of my working copy. I am hoping to have the book available soon and if the computer faeries are well feed and happy perhaps there will even be a link on this site for all of you to view the book and even purchase a copy! Holy smokes! 



    discovering the beauty of coastal living

    As many of you know, I am now living in the beautiful and quirky coastal town of Bolinas. This is the first time I've lived by the ocean for any length of time and she is most certainly becoming a good friend. Her sounds permeate my dream time, and her continuous rhythms are inspiring me both inside and out. So here are some of my drawings that have come out of living here. I hope you enjoy them! May they bring the coast to you where ever you dwell.

    best wishes,




    Horse sense for the New Year


    We are about to ride into the year of the horse soon. Sometimes I feel it like an easy trot, or canter, and then it comes on like a sudden rush forward into a full on open air gallop and the only way I can stay on the horses back is to turn off my mental warning system and give myself over to the ride. Now that I think about it, I have been experiencing this flow on the dance floor lately. I feel it in myself and I see it in others, and it moves me. I'm not much for predictions, but I have a feeling I will have to cultivate my own horse sense this year. Tune into how things actually feel more and let my minds banter just roll on by. I'm looking forward to feeling my way through this year...I've always been a 'feel my way' sort of gal, but as you know, it's a tough gig to maintain in a world so dominated by the linear logic of the mind. I think I will use my re-claimed horse sense to wrangle in my minds wild assumptions and judgments and wanderings. I can see it now...lasso in hand, rounding up my thoughts and mental notions like cattle gone awry and skillfully bringing them back to safer pastures and gentler terrain so that they can munch on grass with ease and grace, letting ideas trickle in like clean spring water. 

    So here are some drawings done in the spirit of the horse...may they gallop toward you with wild abandon then slow their gait and ninny and neigh with delight as they meet your outstretched hand with surprising gentleness.

    may we all re-claim our unmistakable horse-ness in 2014! 




    new artwork emerging 

    Here is a one of my new pen and ink drawings to emerge over the past few months. I think this one wants to be called 'The Earth is Changing'. She has a flare for theatrics, and enjoys audience participation much more than solo performance. She is more jubilant than you might expect, given the currant state of the world, but then she knows a lot more than we do and she's been at it an awful long time, long enough to know how to swim with the undercurrents of change with skill and abandon. She is glad that you've come to say hello, and hopes you'll join in the revelry, adding your own particular flavor to the mix. 



    This one is called Turtle, and some words came along with this one:

    In the beginning there was a turtle

    so very happy to be alive

    floating in the golden ethers of the sky

    all of creation was inside her

    so she never felt alone

    being and becoming her own dreams

    she wove threads of color

    into form

    then let them go

    out into the vastness of space

    to quiver and sparkle and forge themselves anew

    again and again and again…



    This one is just excited to be out of the ethers and into the world of form. Pure exhuberant beingness.



    This one is most certainly awake! 


    Here is Circus Man. He came with a few things to say as well:


    Circus life agreed with him

    for her took it with him wherever he went

    curtains and all

    he'd juggle balls of light and fire

    and amazed onlookers with his 

    One lobster claw

    which he moved with such grace and ease

    as to illicit gasps of awe from the crowd

    for he was that perplexing mix 

    of both bold and tender

    that made one hesitate before coming to any conclusion...



    Silly Corner

    Hello Friends,

    As many of you know I am big fan of silliness, and recently had an idea of setting up a Silly Corner here in Berkeley.  I was inspired by Andrea Sher's workshop about starting a foolish project (check out her website It seemed like it would be fun to find a friend who isn't afraid of making a fool of themselves, gather a bunch of silly props (odd hats, hula hoop, noise makers, wands, pom poms) and set up a sign on a relatively busy corner in Berkeley where we could create an atmosphere of silliness while encouraging people who walk by to stop for a moment and try their hand at being silly. I've never done anything like this before so we'll see what happens. At best I'll have a grand time being silly with Berkeley folk and at worst I'll have a grand time with a good friend making fools of ourselves in front of Berkeley folk. Both Jane (my illustrated friend above) and my blue monster puppet are helping me gather props and enlist a brave friend to test the waters. This whole thing is still coming together, but stay tuned and I'll let you all know when and where Silly Corner will show up, maybe it will be at a corner near you, or maybe you'll forget all about this post and then serendipitously you'll show up anyway and be amazed. You are all cordially invited! It would be lovely to see you and spread some silliness around together.

    wishing you all well and silly,

    Jani and Jane and Blue Monster Puppet

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