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    Aquarian Art Stones are born

    I've been having a wonderful time weaving ancient and future timelines together with my stone freinds. The drawings that are coming forward for each stone have been quite powerful and unique to each piece. Place them on your altar, in your pocket when you walk, or keep them on your desk for inspiration. They all hold vibrations of Aquaria and are infused with grace and flow. I am beginning to offer them for sale locally (check them out at The Shop in Oleama or The Find in Fairfax, California). They all hold beautiful vibrations of Aquaria and are each a unique blessing during these times of change. Here are just a few. Enjoy!



    Bird Tribes Alight - a poem song about the new energies making themselves available to us all

    A drawing inspired by my winged friends. Mimartah is the name of one of 15 houses of love light that came from the amazing work of Nicola Bosdet. Check out her blog 5th Dimensional Girl at 

    I come from the stars

    that I know

    I feel it

    I have no paper trail

    no receipt

    but I do

    feel the pulse of star light moving my feet

    this knowing

    dances me

    it always has

    I'd just forgotten...that's all


    Turns out I came down 

    bird like

    with others

    I was not alone

    never have been

    I'd forgotten that too


    We all came down together

    to land gently upon this sweet spinning planet

    I was, we were pure consciousness then

    bravely volunteering to clothe ourselves in matter

    within a density we were unfamiliar with

    we came fully aware that we would forget

    then remember again

    who wer are

    and why we came


    I look around

    and see wings sprouting

    from the shoulder blades of my human friends

    now I know, they and I are more than we thought

    here...let me help you unfurl

    your wings are beautiful


    I feel my own feathers surrounding me

    weightless and resplendent

    are these mine?

    are these my wings?

    it seems impossible 

    yet here I am

    a winged one

    and here you are

    winged too


    I meet your eyes

    and we gaze into and through each other

    we see for the first time

    that we are free

    you and me

    free to love

    free to fly

    free to be

    my heart is no longer my own

    she is every one, every you, every me

    and without a second thought

    we lift up

    and are filled with the winds of Grace

    Aquaria dawns

    for real

    we are Home here

    and everywhere.


    A New Years Blessing and Creation Call


    White Fire Being


    come unto my unfolding wings

    luminous you will be

    luminous you already are

    but remember not…you?

    You of such high birth

    and flaming heart

    do you not hear your call?

    do you not?

    yes…I see



    soon you will know

    you will feel it

    feel the unmistakable touch of your own spirit soul

    way back, before time itself had a name

    you birthed out

    and came forth with your White Fire Being

    volunteering to seed a new civilization

    a new place becoming

    Now, the time has come full circle

    back around

    yet never in the same spot

    spiraling out as it does into multiple realms

    unimaginably vibrant and alive

    oh yes, joy lives here

    not a solemn void space

    but a teaming-of-the-moment life place

    playfully humorous, open and free

    fiercely loving and creative to the core

    form comes forth here

    a chalice you are, a vessel for spirit forces

    to flood this spinning planet


    sit here, enfolded by my wings

    relax into your radiant center

    and see that you know how to fly

    you’ve always known how to fly


    Weaving a new Tree of Life


    There are times when things must be re-woven and re-spun out of new thread. This is one of those times. I have been feeling this in my insides and in the wider world. Once I sense a certain shift in the air it usually finds its way into my art. One of my preferred methods of expression is pen on paper and so I am sharing this recent drawing with you all. She is a winged example of a new tree of life, a life rooted in the deep earth and fully bathed in starlight. She feels both grounded and solid, as trees tend to feel, and exalted in flight. It seems to be a both and kind of thing. A state of being that I am enjoying more and more, because it holds paradox so easily and allows for more dance and less fight...and I do love to dance. Please consider this an offering of hope and inspiration during these crazy times. I hope you enjoy her! 
    May you experience the positive unexpected! 



    New Friends Arrive

    Hello Lovelies,

    Congratulations on coming through this past year of the Horse. I think we all honed our horse sense in different ways in order to navigate the High Seas of Aquaria.

    Here we are in the year of the Goat, some say Ram or Sheep, but I am particularly fond of the Goat so I am aligning with my inner Goat-ness and we'll see what happens. My intuition tells me this year is asking each one of us to befriend our deep body wisdom and by and by live our true heart's path. The good news is that there is a much vaster 'herd' of energies, beings, friends and magic Goats! that are with us all the time, and they are all extremeley willing to assist us with what ever we need. 

    Speaking of friends, I have some new drawings to share with you all. They come direct from Faery (the Faery New School to be precise!) They have been assisting me with all manner of things...dealing with strong emotions is their strong suite but they are also good at relationship advice, recipe ideas and tips on how best to work with the Faery energies.

    Please feel welcome to play with them and ask them anything, they so enjoy assisting and love to find ways around the stickiest of situations. You will be surprised how effective they can be and how silly. Please drop me a line at and let me know what happens, I am always curious to see how these creations play with others. 

    blessings and sparkles to you,  


    (p.s. if you haven't checked out my new book Winged Wonders and Whatnots please scroll down and take look or view it on

    Smiley One


    Deer Queen


    Open Wing


    Unafraid Girl


    Dear One


    Rainbow Flyman