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    Game off Spring on - following the thread of faery art and story

    Game off Spring on


    It is time

    time to reNew


    to re-Soul

    and En-soul ourselves


    not some far off distant thing

    like an enlightenment that is unreachable 

    on the mountain top


    we are all already masters of our own making


    this is a different kind of lightening

    a different kind of Spring

    and it's not really a seasonal thing

    it's a lightening up on ourselves

    an affirmative beholding of our hells


    it is a yes to our particulars

    a yes to our predicament

    a commitment to begin to be all in

    to come down in earth with our hearts on the line

    what if, you show up for yourself AS IS

    the self that includes your mess

    includes your unraveling bits

    includes your beauty


    that fabulous interior structure of your truth and reality

    THAT weave is unique to you

    and requires your hand 

    your invitation to come on through

    if we're all having trouble at the party, then hell

    let's just shake it loose

    goof it up

    and get our groove thang on


    what do you have to lose but everything

    so let's lose it together

    and find out who we really are

    nothing we don't already know

    except that this knowing is both ancient and brand new

    gilded gold and silver too

    a metallic memory of alchemy

    not hard or rigid or attached to rules and dogma

    more like a real dog

    whose pure dogginess cuts right through our crap

    that furry being who greets us as we walk down the street

    who moves us to bend down

    and burry our faces in that unapologetic dog love

    a scritch under the ears

    a look into those eyes

    and we're had

    our heart softens and we feel better somehow


    that is Spring

    right there

    it can come on mid winter

    or on a summers day

    it bubbles up from below in the fall

    when you look up at the sky

    and her color and cloud

    are so dang gorgeous you could cry


    it is a simple thing really 

    nothing to it

    no mantras, mudras, malas, methods necessary

    they all have their beauty too

    I sing mantra myself when I'm blue

    but there comes a point

    when the authority has to move from out to in

    you replace the worlds opinions with what is real for you

    a truth that is set free

    to be and become your own kind of beau-ty

    a beauty that is multiple and many

    and all of the above


    no longer are we stuck in boxes that don't fit us

    we are formative beings

    powerful creative creatures

    collaborators with the air, the oceans, the earth, with fire and faery


    it's time to turn the game off

    and spring on to the next level of play

    cause we've got some wiz Bang to do 

    some hutzpha to hold

    and some crazy Magic to attend to

    I don't know about you

    but I say

    let's spring it up around here

    Spring me

    Spring you

    SPRING it on!




    a Home Poem

    I am a lover of homes

    of sacred spaces

    places that warm me

    and home me

    here is a bit o writing I did a few years back after falling hard for a nieghborhood bungalow.



    Home me up

    home me in

    warm source spring of a space

    find me

    house me

    wrap me in your winged embrace

    of solid wood worn smooth by hands that hold and tend and bake

    shine me through with sky light


    music me around

    with the rustle of oak leaves in the yard

    and mapled color on fire in the Fall

    renew me with the details of the craft

    taken up by those who love

    and know how to wield a hammer with tempered strength


    inspire me to write more

    be more

    live more

    feel more

    not because I should

    but because I can't help it 

    living in a place like this

    a HOME...that feels like this.




    Today's word and line: Inside Inside 

    Inside Inside Job


    This is an inside inside job

    i’ll be behind the curtain

    and above the control panel

    if you look up and backwards

    with your rainbow kaleidoscope goggles

    perhaps you’ll get a glimpse of me

    spiraling along the multiple timeline tight-ropes

    the circus just got a bit more crowded

    but not in the way you think

    everyone is going to the Big Show

    under the Big Top

    playing right now with the Big Names

    for an extended summer weekend never ending

    the weather is great

    folks are feeling fine

    libations are in hand

    and the music is masterfully groove-full and move-making

    the thing is

    this never ending everything that seems to be the only thing going

    isn’t the main show at all

    turns out the main gig

    the bigger deal

    is underneath this whole extravaganza

    it is inside inside

    it is above AND below the Big Top

    it is where you’ll find me

    i’ll be here and there

    right in time

    walking the tight-rope

    holding my rainbow core steady

    activating my DNA coils

    synching my techni-color spine

    with the new earth

    resonating with it all

    I don’t know what it all means

    and I don’t have to

    I just dance

    with the light of clear awareness

    share presence

    with the bird tribes

    set fire

    to the heart stars of the world

    this IS where it’s at

    THIS is where you’ll find me

    so come on in

    inside the inside

    you have access too

    we all do

    who needs apps when you’ve got the best damn one in town

    unplug from that slick device

    and plug yourself in

    sync yourself up

    heart powered

    love centered

    why not light your Aquarian fire and meet your lion heart

    she will look you clean in the eye

    and won’t give you any bull shit

    only truth and beauty

    if you can handle it

    so let’s cut the crap

    let’s get real

    cause inside the inside is where it’s at

    the party’s started

    faery has a hand outstretched

    and is welcoming you home

    come on home

    come on in

    it’s warm here

    take off that heavy pack

    that burdensome load

    there’s plenty to go around

    don’t believe me?

    step in and find out for yourself

    have a cookie and drink some tea

    cause it can be rough going out on the high sea

    pull up a seat

    the circus is about to begin

    you’re in the ring

    master of ceremonies will be with you shortly

    You will be coming Out from the Inside shortly.


    Leaving faery gifts and spreading magic about

    Faeries are on the loose! Expect the positive unexpected in a neighborhood near you! I am ever embracing my fearless faery nature and the time is ripe for gift giving of the unexpected kind. I am leaving magical gifts in public spaces and unexpected places. Little original art cards about the size of a small bag of Kettle chips with stories on the back. So! Look around the neighborhood while you're walking the dog. An old mailbox or cafe chair may be holding a gift just for you! Now don't be fooled, these drawings and stories come direct from lands beyond the beyond. They are potent and the blessings that arise in their midst are no joke! Have fun and keep your eyeballs and antenna open. Faery on!


    Appreciation song to the Tree beings I know and love

    and the trees stood together

    like wise elders

    blue-green hair blowing in the wind

    their trunks going this way and that




    deeply comforting

    as they preside over life

    coming and going

    going and coming

    only speaking when inspired by the wind

    offering wisdom and witness

    to those who seek it

    kind power

    indifferent to whim or rashness

    solidly planted

    yet grace-full

    and movement-filled

    how did you come to be here?

    such a council of trees...

    no matter

    I am simply glad of it

    glad to have come upon you

    thank you trees.