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    Googly thoughts on magic in the world today.

    Today seems like a good day to talk magic with Googly. He knows a thing or two about it. More and more, I feel my own life asking to be set free of previously held notions of itself. A new kind of magic seems to be called for here. I don't really know what this new magic is yet, but I feel it in me and I sense it's tone vibrating all around. Let's see what Googly has to say about it all. 

    J: Hi Googly. You look particularly fuzzy and aglow today.

    G: Thank you!  You look rather lovely yourself. It's raining outside and I love the rain. A fine day for magic.

    J: Yes I thought so too. Let's talk about just that...MAGIC. It seems like there is a new kind of Aquarian magic on tap right now. I feel it in my insides. My own visions tell me there is a way of playing with the elements of this material world (earth, fire, air, water and ether) from a place of love and oneness and joy to create things that have never been here in earth before. I have a feeling you know about this new sort of magic? Is it true?

    G: Yes it's true and yes it is on tap. Well now...where to begin?

    This kind of magic is not really anything you do. It is more like something you ARE, like being in a joyful mood or listening to good music. It is a conversation really. All you have to 'do' is show up and be present with yourself and the world around you and be willing to dance to and fro and back and forth. It isn't about doing magic or making magic it is about being the magic. Being the life. This kind of magic is inherent in all things. You only need to losen your mind and let the unknown and the new show itself to you....and my you well know...that takes patience and a willingness to suspend all previously held notions of what magic is. Because magic is ever evolving, always changing and shifting to match the moment and enjoys itself best when allowed to shape shift and be its resplendent self. 

    J: Oh, yes! I like this kind of magic. Sounds like fun. 

    G: Yes it is. It is a bit like the rain in the sky today. You walk outside and let it fall on you. It is simple. Just feel the water on your face and enjoy it. Magic. Let the rain do her thing and she will show you things. Be with her and pay attention and see where you are moved to go. It is important to follow your OWN joy in this way. Magic is unique to each moment and to each being who invites the dance. Your magic will be your own, and your friends magic will be their need to compare of feel less than or better than...each and every thing has it's place. Let your own kind of magic unfold and reveal itself to you. It will, you will meet each other when the time is ripe and you are ready and willing. A joyful coming together. do you follow? 

    J: I do. Thank you for sharing. 

    G: You're it time for tea and treats? I think I'd like one of those tasty buttered biscuits, with some honey please.

    J: of course, I'll put on the kettle. 

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