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    Puppet wisdom of the most profound kind.

    I'd like you to meet my dear friend Googly eyed monster. It was love at first site when I spied him at the toy store. Little did I know I was bringing home a wise master in fuzzy form, and a true friend of Faery. 


    Googly on healing stones and their many benefits

    Even puppets need some fine tuning now and again. Googly has been watching the evolution of my new work with Aquarian Art Stones and asked if he could have a healing stone massage of sorts. I agreed, and asked Googly if I could take a few pictures while he relaxed with the grace filled power of the healing stones. Afterwards I asked him how he felt. He said "I feel grounded, which is nice for a puppet to feel. I also feel even more myself than ever...(long pause) and I notice that my fuzz is softer!" Needless to say he was quite pleased.


    Googly on the Wow moment

    Dear Googly. I've noticed that you seem to be in a perpetual state of Wow. Is this Wow similar to the Now? Can you share with us how one can experience the wow in the now...let's call it the wownow or nowwow.


    Googly: Well now. Or perhpas I should say wow now. Before I begin, let me just say that it does help to have a pair of googly eyes to begin with. One advantage of being a puppet. But that said, everyone and anyone can access this state of wow with or without googly eyes..and yes the wow is most profoundly felt in the now. So when you bring yourself back into the present moment, into the now, then you have a direct connection to wow. 

    One of my favorite practices is to behold something that I know I like. Pick something easy, like a photo of chocolate cake with walnuts in it, or a BLT or the view out your kitchen window, or a tree that you love the look and feel of. Now go ahead and let youself behold this image or this living thing. I say behold because it has a different sense than looking...beholding something means you are including your heart in the looking. This is why you pick something that you know you like, because it is easier to 'look' at something you like from your heart. 

    So behold the chocolate chip cookie, or the oak tree, or the view from your kitchen window and relax. Take some deep breathes in and out and just relax your eyes and tell yourself that this is the most important thing you could possibly be doing right now. Your beholding of what is before you right now is of utter import, a matter of national security, it is the only thing that matters really because you are placing your full attention here. And where ever your attention is placed is where you are. 

    So the only thing you are doing is looking with your heart at something you like and relaxing into it. Breathe and just notice. Notice without deciding. Just notice yourself and notice what you are looking at. 

    The amazing thing is after a while of this you just naturally come into a state of Wow. You might not even notice it as wow at first. Wow has a way of sneeking up on you. So just be easy with it. Nothing forced. Just behold and be. Breathe and notice without deciding. 

    You can do this with almost anything or any situation. After a while you can even behold things that you might not 'like'. If you simply behold them as they are and look at them with your heart without deciding, you may find that something inside you begins to shift. A space of wow shows up without you even trying. 

    Give this a try and see how it goes. Have fun with it and start with something easy. 

    Happy wowing!

    and thanks for asking. Puppets like to be of help!

    Jani: thanks Googly. 


    Googly thoughts on magic in the world today.

    Today seems like a good day to talk magic with Googly. He knows a thing or two about it. More and more, I feel my own life asking to be set free of previously held notions of itself. A new kind of magic seems to be called for here. I don't really know what this new magic is yet, but I feel it in me and I sense it's tone vibrating all around. Let's see what Googly has to say about it all. 

    J: Hi Googly. You look particularly fuzzy and aglow today.

    G: Thank you!  You look rather lovely yourself. It's raining outside and I love the rain. A fine day for magic.

    J: Yes I thought so too. Let's talk about just that...MAGIC. It seems like there is a new kind of Aquarian magic on tap right now. I feel it in my insides. My own visions tell me there is a way of playing with the elements of this material world (earth, fire, air, water and ether) from a place of love and oneness and joy to create things that have never been here in earth before. I have a feeling you know about this new sort of magic? Is it true?

    G: Yes it's true and yes it is on tap. Well now...where to begin?

    This kind of magic is not really anything you do. It is more like something you ARE, like being in a joyful mood or listening to good music. It is a conversation really. All you have to 'do' is show up and be present with yourself and the world around you and be willing to dance to and fro and back and forth. It isn't about doing magic or making magic it is about being the magic. Being the life. This kind of magic is inherent in all things. You only need to losen your mind and let the unknown and the new show itself to you....and my you well know...that takes patience and a willingness to suspend all previously held notions of what magic is. Because magic is ever evolving, always changing and shifting to match the moment and enjoys itself best when allowed to shape shift and be its resplendent self. 

    J: Oh, yes! I like this kind of magic. Sounds like fun. 

    G: Yes it is. It is a bit like the rain in the sky today. You walk outside and let it fall on you. It is simple. Just feel the water on your face and enjoy it. Magic. Let the rain do her thing and she will show you things. Be with her and pay attention and see where you are moved to go. It is important to follow your OWN joy in this way. Magic is unique to each moment and to each being who invites the dance. Your magic will be your own, and your friends magic will be their need to compare of feel less than or better than...each and every thing has it's place. Let your own kind of magic unfold and reveal itself to you. It will, you will meet each other when the time is ripe and you are ready and willing. A joyful coming together. do you follow? 

    J: I do. Thank you for sharing. 

    G: You're it time for tea and treats? I think I'd like one of those tasty buttered biscuits, with some honey please.

    J: of course, I'll put on the kettle.