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    The Wide Open Now

    As a kid I loved listening to fantistical stories and gravitated towards books with lots of illustrations. Often the tales would begin with Once Upon a Time, and took me into worlds unkown and magical. Lately I've been feeling a deep impulse to write a new kind of faery tale, one that is steeped in the magic of NOW and takes place within the immaginative mulit-dimensional space of every day life. These are the words that came to me to begin such a tale. It is a bit longer than once upon a time, but I like it, so I am sharing it with you. You can expect a story to come, so stay tuned! and in the meantime faery on with your bad self and may your own beautiful truth and reality to lead your way! 

    Right here in the wide open now, where all is well and you do know how. 


    Letting things go well 

    This is a personal piece of writing...about patience and kindness...about limitations and grace...about love

    One of my magic stones wanted to be always line and word want to dance together. 

    Letting things go well

    At first I was furious with the Universe, secretly so

    I blamed this whole dam spinning planet

    myself included

    for pinning me down

    for clipping my wings

    for denying me love, my one true love

    but I could not stay down that long

    in faery years it is but a blink

    but for a human it feels much longer

    too long really...

    but by and by

    as water works her way around and in and through the most impenetrable surfaces

    I give way

    that I, who things she is all that is

    who thinks she is a super star but in fact

    who doesn't even believe in herself

    she tumbles about as time passes

    and the day comes

    when she actually, for real, falls in love

    and her heart beats the way it was meant to beat

    strong and deep and true

    and she, that she who is a we, who is never alone, who is whole

    THAT she inside wakes up

    and looks out of my eyes

    and sees the world

    how beautiful

    how curious 

    how shimmering...and ever moving

    do you see what I'm seeing!

    do you see this? she asks me

    the me who is too busy making breakfast, answering emails and figuring it all out

    she asks you see this!?

    it is a wonder

    YOU are a wonder



    and for some time

    this one in me sits and hums this wonder

    this wow

    because she can't help herself

    in fact she can't stop

    in fact she's always sung this song

    and she will go on singing it

    if you really want to know, she enjoys her own good company

    she is patient, this one

    patient with me

    for she knows I would get angry and defensive

    if she made me listen

    and made me say and feel "oh how wonderful, oh how marvelous" when I wasn't ready to say and feel those things, for real

    so she waits...

    for she has no watch

    and she cares little for time as we know it

    she carries something that life itself cannot live without for too awfully long

    so she sits and hums


    and today I woke up not myself and wondered why

    and instead of feeling upset by it, or feeling less than by it, I knew this time something must change

    this gift of a life was seeping into me from all sides now

    almost gushing at me from across the room

    and it took me a while

    it took me eating that jar of almond butter before I calmed down enough

    to notice myself, staring at me

    with such enamoured love

    such wondrous beholding

    such patience

    such lust even

    that I dropped my spoon on the floor

    and decided that this was the day

    that I would give myself over to myself

    for real

    not for fun, not as an intellectual exercise

    but for real

    as is

    as I am, with this pimple on my chin and too much almond butter in my tummy

    As Is

    I decided I would surrender to her

    because she is my one true love

    my winged companion

    always and forever she is my ecstatic partner

    no at the expense of a he

    for I long for him still

    but it is now a different kind of longing

    more like an artist walking along the sea shore

    knowing she will eventually look down and find just what she is looking for

    right by her feet, by that piece of drift wood and nestled against that swag of fresh seaweed


    what a Wonder

    and she, with a great smile and immense warmth

    returns to her cottage with this new magic

    and finally

    after long last

    lets things go well for her

    perhaps for the first time. 


    by. Jani Gillette and realms beyond


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    Game off Spring on - following the thread of faery art and story

    Game off Spring on


    It is time

    time to reNew


    to re-Soul

    and En-soul ourselves


    not some far off distant thing

    like an enlightenment that is unreachable 

    on the mountain top


    we are all already masters of our own making


    this is a different kind of lightening

    a different kind of Spring

    and it's not really a seasonal thing

    it's a lightening up on ourselves

    an affirmative beholding of our hells


    it is a yes to our particulars

    a yes to our predicament

    a commitment to begin to be all in

    to come down in earth with our hearts on the line

    what if, you show up for yourself AS IS

    the self that includes your mess

    includes your unraveling bits

    includes your beauty


    that fabulous interior structure of your truth and reality

    THAT weave is unique to you

    and requires your hand 

    your invitation to come on through

    if we're all having trouble at the party, then hell

    let's just shake it loose

    goof it up

    and get our groove thang on


    what do you have to lose but everything

    so let's lose it together

    and find out who we really are

    nothing we don't already know

    except that this knowing is both ancient and brand new

    gilded gold and silver too

    a metallic memory of alchemy

    not hard or rigid or attached to rules and dogma

    more like a real dog

    whose pure dogginess cuts right through our crap

    that furry being who greets us as we walk down the street

    who moves us to bend down

    and burry our faces in that unapologetic dog love

    a scritch under the ears

    a look into those eyes

    and we're had

    our heart softens and we feel better somehow


    that is Spring

    right there

    it can come on mid winter

    or on a summers day

    it bubbles up from below in the fall

    when you look up at the sky

    and her color and cloud

    are so dang gorgeous you could cry


    it is a simple thing really 

    nothing to it

    no mantras, mudras, malas, methods necessary

    they all have their beauty too

    I sing mantra myself when I'm blue

    but there comes a point

    when the authority has to move from out to in

    you replace the worlds opinions with what is real for you

    a truth that is set free

    to be and become your own kind of beau-ty

    a beauty that is multiple and many

    and all of the above


    no longer are we stuck in boxes that don't fit us

    we are formative beings

    powerful creative creatures

    collaborators with the air, the oceans, the earth, with fire and faery


    it's time to turn the game off

    and spring on to the next level of play

    cause we've got some wiz Bang to do 

    some hutzpha to hold

    and some crazy Magic to attend to

    I don't know about you

    but I say

    let's spring it up around here

    Spring me

    Spring you

    SPRING it on!